NAZ Group has made a name for itself as one of the leading service provider Group of Companies. We are committed to develop our services in line with the world advancement & the transfer of technology & management skills. We are taken into our strong consideration to design our services for the degraded people. So, we share our common philosophy & wish among them to be a part of our family. It is gratifying to note that we are the market leader to export the manpower from Bangladesh.

NAZ Associates has been established with a view to make significant contribution to create employment in overseas job market from the very beginning, it must be mentioned, the NAZ Associates has been able to contribute substantially to the world job market. In this connection it has gained international reputation. NAZ Group has began its journey in 1982 as a complete organizational & professional manner. In addition to, it is our company’s basic objective to contribute to society through our services. This is the root of our success. Apart from that the Group prides itself for its social welfare by establishing School, College & University, Mosque, Madrasha, Clinic & allied social contribution and we believe these activities are the main ingredient of our success. Al our business establishment designed to serve the people with a well trained, dedicated personnel, state-of-art technology & standard management practices. This leads to innovation & creativity transformed into new services & new way of doing things. In Line with our global strategy, we will maximize our core strategic brands through an aggressive life cycle management policy with our dedicated & qualified team. We will continue our success story with our valued clients & customers

Finally, we would like to inform you and invite all world-class companies operating in all the source countries for employment of our overseas workers become our esteemed associates. Meanwhile, inspired by the zeal of gaining a momentum for our manpower export and also  taking regard to our national impulse, we may gratefully appeal to the great countries of the middle east and north Africa among others, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Malaysia and Singapore to kindly draw more liberal policy granting Bangladesh their most considered preferences in the matter of recruitment of oversees workers from Bangladesh.

Hopping the mutual rewarding partnership always.



 Ln.  Md. Nazrul Islam MJF